Romania’s National Agency for Fiscal Administration (NAFA) retained the services of The M Group Inc. for a project entitled “Development and Implementation of New Taxpayer Services Concept” (RAMP/CS/15). The overall objective was to develop and implement a modern, professional taxpayer services organisation and program to transform the contact between NAFA and Citizens/Taxpayers. This is to be achieved by creating a client-service oriented organisation that will optimise service delivery channels, thereby promoting efficiency and accuracy of self-assessment.

The project delivery objectives were:
  • Develop the taxpayer services function and organisation through a process after an initial diagnosis, design of a taxpayer services program, (including policy, appropriate service delivery channels, mass publications, etc.), developing performance monitoring and evaluation system, quality standards and propose improvements to the NAFA organisational structure.
  • Develop mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability aligned with EU/OECD best practices.
  • Training and skills development of the taxpayers’ services staff
Our work included Channel Strategy principles and a planned process to move taxpayer contact from paper based and face-to-face towards telephony and web based and online services, areas relating to HR, management and performance, HR recommendations related to recruitment and retention of staff, and the development of a suite of competence profiles, and expertise and knowledge of taxpayer and stakeholder feedback activities. We also delivered expertise around training and organised and delivered a study tour for NAFA officials to HMRC in the UK