Yassie Hodges

Yassiemine (Yassie) Hodges: has been certified by the IMF TADAT Secretariat as a trained TADAT Assessor. She has over 35 years’ practical experience in overall Tax Administration at the frontline, midlevel and senior level positions in various countries including USA, Philippines, Kenya, Pakistan, Taiwan, Malawi, Liberia, Jordan and Afghanistan. Yassie was a former Director of Compliance in Washington D.C. with responsibility for Audit, Collection/Enforcement, Criminal Investigations and Compliance Research.  She served as a member of the Executive Steering Committee responsible for the Office of Tax and Revenue Integrated Tax Management System in Washington, DC.  She has experience in conducting business process reviews to determine areas of vulnerabilities, overall program effectiveness and providing recommendations for improvements. As a former IRS Resident Lead Instructor with responsibility for compliance related training, she has extensive hands on experience developing and conducting both technical and managerial training courses to promote capacity building throughout tax administration organizations. Yassie holds an MBA in Global / International Management and a BA Degree in Accounting.

She is currently based in the Washington D.C. area.