Barry Larking

Barry Larking: has over 30 years experience in international tax, and leads the work of The M Group on tax content and tax process design services. After graduating from Oxford University and spending a number of years in the City as a UK tax lawyer, he moved to the Netherlands and has worked there for the last 30 years in Dutch, EU and international tax, for organizations such as the IBFD and KPMG. Barry headed up KPMG’s EU Tax Centre driving tax content to tax professionals and clients worldwide for 7 years before deciding to provide international tax writing, analysis and training services as an independent consultant in 2017. He has made presentations in over 30 countries worldwide and authored numerous articles, news stories, and videos on EU and international tax. He is the author of two major rewrites of IBFD’s International Tax Glossary and a former special tax advisor to the United Nations.

Barry is a native English speaker, fluent in Dutch, and with a professional working knowledge of French and German. He is currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.